The power of creative improvisation

Once the basic factuality of a camera is mastered there’s no secret formula in making pictures. There’s a certain amount of pre-composed shots involved, however, I’m at my best when I go into an assignment without creating images in my head before I get there.

After all, even if I have been to a location or venue before, the scenario will always be different from the last wedding. I find this approach exciting, be it unpredictable.

I’ve taken some of my best shots on the spur of the moment while improvising and looking for that magical unrehearsed capture. Thinking too hard about what’s coming next stifles my creative momentum

While working on Kris and Marisa’s big day in Norwich I realised the confetti was forgotten. Immediately I joked and made everyone laugh with the idea of keeping those smiles beaming.

I noticed the cobbled streets in Elm Hill were covered with leaves, so I suggested we use them as a substitute. It was great fun and it paved the way for a relaxed atmosphere that flowed throughout the day.

I have included a small selection of my favourite photographs from the wedding.

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Carla and James book Fuoco Photography for their wedding

It was a pleasure to meet up with Carla and James at Constantia Cottage Restaurant today to chat about their wedding pictures. I’m delighted we confirmed a photography booking for the big event in August and we already have some spectacular ideas. The wedding will take place in Kings Lynn with breathtaking Norfolk landscape as a backdrop.

I took the opportunity during our meeting to take some test shots, it introduced the couple to the camera and broke the ice almost immediately. I feel it’s very important that they are comfortable with my direction and the way I work.


From Here To Eternity Love Scene for Cromer Wedding Couple

Wedding love scene picture re-enactment Cromer

Report courtesy of Ria Demitriou

When adventurous couple Andy and Shirley from Cromer decided they wanted a boudoir style love scene for their wedding album, they approached local photographer, Andreas Yiasimi of Fuoco Photography for advice. “We have often seen Andreas’s celebrity and model work in various publications” explained Shirley “We knew he would be the right person to ask”

The wheels were set into motion for Cromers début ‘From Here To Eternity’ Style beach project that would take weeks to organize to perfection.

Andreas has photographed countless of couples from all walks of life that wanted unusual ideas thrown into the mix “If you think it’s an easy thing to do then think again” said Andreas.

“It requires a rapport and trust between photographer and subject whom are beautiful celebrities in their own right already through my eyes. Direction and years of experience in my line of work is the key, you can’t fob something like this off on someone’s special day” It’s hard enough obtaining results in the studio let alone on a beach so this was certainly a challenge, Andreas emphasized that you really have to know what you’re doing.

He added “Photographing a couple in mid passionate embrace sometimes isn’t the most complementary result. The formula to a winning photograph of this sort depends on posture, hard work and location”

The Cromer couple were nervous to start with so a pe-wedding shoot was organized by Andreas before the the big day with a step by step story board highlighting the more intricate work. “We were surprised at what was involved” laughed Shirley “In fact we felt quite exhausted on our first night when we eventually got back to the hotel room! It was all very worth it though”

The finished album was laced with traditional shots, however, mostly reportage captures that completed the magazine style images.

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British Brides Go Greek

Wedding photographs taken on the beautiful island of Cyprus at the Grecian Bay Hotel, Ayia Napa. I have included an interesting article courtesy of Ria Demitriou.

British Brides Go Greek

Article courtesy of Ria Demitriou

When Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) and England’s hero David Becham married on July the 4th at Luttellstown, near Dublin, Ireland it opened the doors for a whole new style of wedding ceremony for men and women from all walks of life. It was the beginning of the end for the old fashioned wedding procedure as we knew it. As more and more celebrities open the doors for televised fly on the wall documentaries the demand for grander wedding receptions has escalated.

Celebrity weddings have certainly set a standard taken on board by venues in the UK and across the world. Premier reception favourite Constantia Restaurant, in North Norfolk, England claims to have increased it’s wedding parties and corporate function bookings because of the Greek link highlighted in recent movie blockbuster, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Stavros Flatley. “Everyone wants to go Greek more than ever” explained chef, Peter “We would like to think people warm to our good food and hospitality but it is amazing the positive effect related movies and personalities have on general trends”

Across the water in Cyprus young couples opt for a dream wedding in the sun. Mani Singh who works at The Grecian Bay Hotel in Ayia Napa told us couples from across the globe travel to the popular resort for their wedding. “I have been working here for eight years” said Mani “We have people coming from Germany, France and the UK looking for something different” Beautiful Mediterranean surroundings add to the fairy tale style event. Civil weddings are conduced by a marriage officer appointed by the local town hall in Cyprus.

Venues are just one area influenced by celebrities, the choice of bride gowns, accessories and photography is emphasized even more. Journalist photographers have moved in to capture story book style images to match those found in glossy magazines. While visiting The Grecian Bay Hotel we spoke to Norfolk photographer, Andreas Yiasimi of Fuoco Photography, who had flown to Cyprus after being booked by an English couple for their big day. “Gone are the days when people opted for the traditional photographs” said Andreas “Couples request reportage style pictures nowadays and when I ask them to give me an example of what they want most of them refer to magazine shots of Katie Price and Peter Andre”

After running a survey to find the biggest wedding trend setters it was no surprise when the Royals came up top. Princess Diana “the peoples princess” was a fashion trendsetter to say the least. The beautiful wedding dress, complete with a 25 foot train, that she wore at her 1981 wedding ceremony will be the envy of every bride to be for many years to come, she truly was a role model in many areas of fashion. Another Royal influence must be the romantic horse and carriage, it’s no wonder the Cyprus Wedding Carriage Company on the island is popular. Cyprus Wedding Carriage Company provides horse drawn carriages in Ayia Napa, Protoras, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos for marriage honeymoon and anniversary.

The extravagance of a Hollywood style wedding for the stars is no longer just for the rich and famous, in an era of reality television and celebrity fashion awareness: Venues, dress makers and photographers have stepped up their game to meet the demand.

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I want your extra time and your kiss

Photographs capturing brides and guests kissing at various weddings. Pictures demonstrating a natural kiss and romantic moments. Generally kisses are too short to achieve successful kissing poses so I instruct them to kiss slowly.

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My Top Ten most published monochrome wedding photographs from 2014

It’s a pleasure to share my most published monochrome (Black and white) wedding photographs from 2014. Black and white photography emphasizes the drama and I have always loved the magic it projects. The photographs are a selection from various weddings taken on location in Kalamata, Greece, Ireland and North Norfolk in the UK. They seem to have captured the imagination. Which is your favourite?

Video presentation featuring more monochrome (Black and white) wedding photographs taken from various weddings in recent years. Pictures © Andreas Yiasimi.

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My début twinning visit to Crest, France.

It’s with great pleasure to post a pictorial and report of my wonderful visit to Crest, in France. It was my début with the twinning committee from Cromer and I embraced every moment.

I arrived safely in Crest, after travelling with members of the twinning committee, vice Chair-Lady Mary Hill and Gordon after a 777.9 mile journey, mostly by train.

It was a special vacation to commemorate Armistice Day and 100 years since the first world war. We were greeted at the airport by president of Crest twining committee, Jann White, who kindly drove us to our destinations.

I stayed with a lovely family, Cllr Susanne, her husband, Arend and two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Selina. They have a fantastic restaurant in Crest called, L’Etape Crestoise and I sampled some of their fantastic food. This is a link to their establishment and it’s certainly worth a visit

I’m truly grateful to Susanne and her family for their overwhelming hospitality.

On Monday 10th of November I attended an event leading up to Armistice Day and I’d like to congratulate Students of Royannez school near the war memorial who read passages highlighting WW1 and made tributes to veterans.

After a period of silence local dignitaries welcomed twinning committee members from Nidda (Germany) Crest (France) Cromer (UK) and Italy. There were pictorial and written displays by the children inside the school, teachers were very helpful translating some of the work.

It wasn’t too far into my visit when I began to grasp the importance of twinning organizations and what they stand for, underlined by an oath signed in 1980.

Armistice Day was an emotional time and it was a privilege to meet the mayor of Crest, Hervé Mariton who made a speech before wreaths were laid.

I was extremely proud to represent Cromer at this important event and shed a tear when, Mary Hill, laid a wreath to commemorate our fallen.

The rain didn’t stop schedule and the event was very well organized, I would like to extend my acknowledgement to all twining members present and everyone’s hard work in Crest.

The following day I attended a dinner hosted by L’Etape Crestoise Restaurant where representatives delivered speeches and I had the chance to meet many wonderful people at the gathering.

I had the chance to attend a very constructive twinning committee meeting in the town Hall Chamber the next day. Some superb ideas were exchanged and look forward to hearing of any progress and news.

Crest is such an enchanting place and I was captivated by it’s scenic beauty and rich history. I will be posting some landscape photographs soon.

My visit to France has certainly widened my horizons and I will do everything possible to contribute towards the continuous success of the twining organization.

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The Honeybirds great musical trio

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the Honeybirds at COAST festival, they were singing at the Sea Marge Hotel in Overstrand, Norfolk. Very talented trio that had the audience singing along to wartime favourites.

Daisy Thurkettle, Jenny Smith and Tessa Smith delivered some tight harmonies and they looked the part as well. They stayed behind for a chat after the show and made time for some of the veterans who were attending.

I’d like to wish them deserved future success.

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Emotional last day of a memorable 66 mile charity walk

Our charity walk concluded at Halsey House care home in Cromer, a moment I will never forget. The physical pain experienced during the final few miles were exchanged with overwhelming tears of joy and a sense of achievement.

As we entered Sheringham earlier in the afternoon a false sense of security set in, that we had made it, however, the remaining miles felt they went on forever. We had to pull out all the stops to cross the finish line.

We continued to push each other and the wonderful people who encouraged us along the coast road were a vital ingredient to our inspirational drive.

Before heading to Halsey House we walked along Cromer promenade where we were met by friends and family, we respectfully laid a poppy each at the Cromer war memorial and spoke to media and town folk.


66 mile charity walk Day 2 another 22 miles achieved

Day 2 was a tough one for me, suffering from sunburn in un-predicted high temperatures. Keith and Sammi were a great inspiration and kept me going. It was a painful one, however, I was determined to complete the second phase. We walked through Burnham Market and took a welcomed break at Wells-Next-The-Sea.

Leslie did a grand job following us in the support vehicle, most of the route today was via road and then coastal path towards Stiffkey. It seemed to go on forever, I paced myself and kept focused.

Morston was a welcomed sight, all reserves will have to be squeezed on the final day, I had plenty of rest when I returned home and made sure I ate well.

I look forward to carrying our flag on the final straight along Cromer promenade and then stopping at the Cromer War Memorial to lay a poppy before crossing the finishing line at Halsey House between 2.30-3.00pm.

We will be connecting with North Norfolk Radio at 9.30am for a live broadcast update. This is certainly an experience I will never forget and feel very proud to be a part of it.