Magical Cromer Christmas tree by night

You’re never too old to take a stroll with your son to see the Christmas tree in town. I’d finished a busy day and noticed, on social media that our amazing volunteers added decoration to the tree they erected the other day.

It already looked stunning so I was eager to see it with the trimmings. Darkness had already fallen so I quickly changed my camera settings and called out to my son, Pan, who’s in his twenties if he wanted to come along.

We laughed a lot along the way and through a fathers eye, nothing much had changed from when we were building sandcastles on the the beach all those years ago.

As we reached the final corner just past the cinema, our steps became faster with excited anticipation. Then we looked up and there it was, glistening under the glow of street lamps.

We stood in admiration for a while before we circled the tree numerous times. The magic never fades if you hold onto it.

I went into auto pilot and my camera was adapting various positions on the grass, I didn’t mind that I had to continuously wipe evening dew from my lens.

It was a moment to embrace, as we spoke to local folk along the way. Our joy was amplified by everyone’s approval on how beautiful it looks.

We spoke about the tree all the way back home as we subconsciously shuffled through autumn leaves on the ground.

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