The power of creative improvisation

Once the basic factuality of a camera is mastered there’s no secret formula in making pictures. There’s a certain amount of pre-composed shots involved, however, I’m at my best when I go into an assignment without creating images in my head before I get there.

After all, even if I have been to a location or venue before, the scenario will always be different from the last wedding. I find this approach exciting, be it unpredictable.

I’ve taken some of my best shots on the spur of the moment while improvising and looking for that magical unrehearsed capture. Thinking too hard about what’s coming next stifles my creative momentum

While working on Kris and Marisa’s big day in Norwich I realised the confetti was forgotten. Immediately I joked and made everyone laugh with the idea of keeping those smiles beaming.

I noticed the cobbled streets in Elm Hill were covered with leaves, so I suggested we use them as a substitute. It was great fun and it paved the way for a relaxed atmosphere that flowed throughout the day.

I have included a small selection of my favourite photographs from the wedding.

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